Cvetka Hojnik was born in Murska Sobota, Slovenia. After completing high school she graduated from the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Ljubljana, Department of textiles, Study programme Design of Textiles and Clothes with Prof. Darko Slavec, academic painter and graphic artist. She also studied contemporary painting techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts, in the class of Prof. Gorenec and Prof. Vogelnik. At the School of Drawing and Painting in Ljubljana she complements her education with the master’s thesis entitled En Soph, Assemblages and Texturing through the Fractals of Kabala, which was rated the highest grade.

She presented her work at solo exhibitions and participated and group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad.

Her work demonstrates extreme creative energy and special sensitivity for colour and composition, never running short of original painting and design solutions. With her diploma work for which she received excellent marks, she proved her perseverance and with the artistic realization her unique originality. Numerous solo and group exhibitions that she has staged in Slovenia and abroad prove that she is an original and successful artist who constantly searches for new ideas and forms of artistic expression (reproduced from Darko Slavec’s review).

The recent works of art by Cvetka Hojnik simultaneously exhibit a further reduction of artistic elements and a fusion of previous experiences which lead the artist to increasingly refined design solutions, which reflects the profundity of the content scheme at the same time. In times of supersaturated space when one is surrounded and often taken over by the feeling of tightness, minimalistic solutions work as a counter balance, as a precious opportunity for us to redirect attention, gain time for contemplation and look into the depth.

The surface material interventions add an organic touch to the otherwise prevailingly rational scheme and significantly enrich the expressive power of the paintings. The artist creatively explores the space dimension, each painting is revived by its specific dimension and surpasses it due to the symbolism. Despite the insignificant number of artistic elements presented, the artist can impart a glow of revealing of the spiritual world as the exhibition title addresses the audience in the silence of passion (reproduced from Jasna Merkú’s review).

Together with Feri Lainschak she is co-author of the artistic-poetic compilation “Suncogledice” which is published in four languages. She also published art books “Holograms of Love”, “Do not Be Like Others”, “Sunny House”, “Proximity” to the verses of Ferry Lainschak, as well as an art book on the songs by Enzo di Grazia, Morandini and Mika Markando.

She received numerous awards and recognition for her work, including the Awards for Creativity by the Association of Fine Artists of Maribor (2006 and 2014, 2019), a Special award at the Spacal Homage show in Italy (2007), a large Purchase award at the “Ex Tempore” in Piran on the topic of Soline (2009) as well as an acknowledgment by the Mayor Anton Balazek for achievements in the field of culture at home and abroad (2013). 2019 received she a Gran prix at the exhibition “Žene slikari” in Majdanpek, Serbia.

She is member of the Association of Fine Artists of Maribor, the Association of Fine Artists of Slovenia, the Austrian Association of Fine Artists and the Society of International Free Artists. She also has the status of an independent cultural creator.

She teaches at the High School of Applied Arts (Fashion and Art theory – Art philosophy ) and at the professional study programme Design of Material in Maribor (Drawing and Art theory – Art philosophy).

She works in her studio in Lendava, Slovenia.